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How Being Overweight Can Make You Fatigued and Inactive

It’s well established that exercise is important in the prevention of obesity, type-2 diabetes, and other disorders characterized by metabolic disturbances. Also, since people who are overweight on average are less active than lean people, it’s often … [Read More...]



Protein: The Most Important Macronutrient For Weight Loss?

The obesity epidemic has quickly become one of the greatest health crises humans have ever faced, and billions of dollars are spent each year on research, supplements, and … [Read More...]

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10 Random Facts About Me (With Pics)

While this site is primarily a place where I put up articles and science related to health and fitness, I'll occasionally spice things up with some lighter and more personal blog posts. A lot of my … [Read More...]

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Around the Web

It's time for another edition of around the web, the set of posts where I dissect some of the most interesting new information in the world of health & fitness. Also, make sure you stay updated on … [Read More...]

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How to Train With Kettlebells

Although I'm a big fan of basing resistance training around the major compound movements, such as the press, squat, deadlift, pull-up, dip, and bench-press, I also see the benefits of using … [Read More...]

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Why You Don’t Really Need a Post-Workout Protein Shake

Everyone who’s been lifting weights for some time have inevitably heard – and most likely bought into – a lot of the gym talk and magazine wisdom surrounding training and diet. Besides learning that … [Read More...]

Seeing stuff like this at work was part of the reason I quit my job as a personal traner at a commercial gym.

Bad Science and Incompetence. And the Best E-Mail I’ve Ever Gotten

I've been kind of down lately. I haven't been able to block out all the pseudoscience, incompetence, and nonsense in the health and fitness community (and in general really). Since I primarily read … [Read More...]


Saturated Fat: Good or Bad?

Official health authorities have for decades claimed that a high saturated fat intake is linked to heart disease, stroke, cardiovascular disease, and surges in blood cholesterol levels, and even those … [Read More...]

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Around the Web

Over the last several years I've fallen more and more in love with the scientific method, and in this set of posts called 'Around the Web' I highlight some of the recent science related to nutrition, … [Read More...]

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The Hip Hinge: A Key to Glute Development and Good Exercise Technique

One of the primary reasons people get injured during training, aren't progressing in lower body exercises, and have trouble building the backside of the body (especially glutes) is that they haven't … [Read More...]

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The Deadlift: How to Master the King of All Exercises

The deadlift and squat are often called the king and queen (or the two kings) of all exercises - and for good reason, there are few other human movements that are better designed for progressive … [Read More...]


Follow Organic Fitness on YouTube

I've finally gotten around to create a YouTube channel for OrganicFitness.com! On it I'll publish instructional exercise videos and other stuff that I think is worth sharing. If I feel this is … [Read More...]


Genetics of the 21st Century: Microbes Affect Disease Susceptibility, Body Weight, and Ability to Build Muscle

“We are survival machines – robot vehicles blindly programmed to preserve the selfish molecules known as genes. This is a truth which still fills me with astonishment.” ― Richard Dawkins, The … [Read More...]


Follow Organic Fitness on Facebook

I primarily started writing about nutrition, exercise, and health because I wanted to gather my ideas and discoveries. Although I've paid little attention to marketing my work, the blog has grown slow … [Read More...]

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How I Train For Health, Strength, and Muscle

All of my writing on exercise, nutrition, physiology, and biology is based upon the same structure: Evolution provides the foundation that is needed to make sense of human health, and optimal fitness … [Read More...]


Protein: The Most Important Macronutrient For Weight Loss?

The obesity epidemic has quickly become one of the greatest health crises humans have ever faced, and billions of dollars are spent each year on research, supplements, and pharmaceuticals aimed at … [Read More...]

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Around the Web

I've got some interesting stuff for this 9th edition of around the web. To new readers whose recently subscribed to my newsletter: Around the web is a set of posts where I highlight some of the latest … [Read More...]

Hunter-gatherer spotting game. Bu studying non-westernized populations we can learn more about the evolutionary milieu for which we remain genetically adapted.

Evolutionary Mismatches Drive Diseases of Civilization

Humans have evolved for millions of years in a habitat that is very different from the environment most of the world's population now live in. By studying the health of ancestral populations, … [Read More...]

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10 Keys to Optimal Strength Training

When looking back at the start of my lifting career about 9 years ago I find that the biggest obstacle was that I didn't have a basic structure to build my training on. Without a set of principles to … [Read More...]

Ian Spreadbury (PhD) hypothesize in his excellent scientific paper that acellular carbohydrates such as white bread is the primary cause of leptin resistance.

Gluten Intolerance Results From a Lack of Gut Bacteria

I've previously highlighted the fact that gut dysbiosis sets the stage for grain-related disorders, and as the evidence is now piling up, I'm more convinced than ever that the gut microbiota is the … [Read More...]

Me on a vacation to Africa. My training program consisted primarily of compound exercises.

Top 6 Exercises For a Muscular Physique

Even though most of my writing on this site has revolved around the human microbiome, disease, weight loss, and nutrition, the fact is that a lot of my practical experience stems from strength … [Read More...]

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Around the Web

I've got a lot of interesting stuff for today's edition of around the web. Last week I published an article on BretContreras.com that received about 1k shares on Facebook. Weight regulation is … [Read More...]


Evidence-Based Guide to Weight Loss

I've now written extensively on overweight, obesity and metabolic syndrome from several different angles and thought it was time to summarize some of the most important information on these topics. In … [Read More...]

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Why the Traditional Approach to Weight Loss Comes Up Short

During the last couple of years I've coached dozens of clients whose primary goal is to lose weight. I've also delved into the scientific literature on body fat regulation and written extensively on … [Read More...]

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Get Lean and Muscular by Abandoning Conventional Wisdom

Official dietary recommendations and conventional beliefs have led many people to the conclusion that eating a calorie restricted low-fat diet and spending hours on the treadmill is the way to go for … [Read More...]


Why Eating Less and Exercising More Doesn’t Always Work for Long-Term Weight Loss

If there’s one thing we’ve learned from the numerous studies investigating the effects of calorie restriction and exercise on weight loss, it’s that people usually creep up towards their original body … [Read More...]


The Old Friends Hypothesis: Are We Too Clean For Our Own Good?

Humans have co-evolved with the complex microbial communities found in soil, water and the rest of the environment for millions of years, and it's only recently that urban living and modern hygiene … [Read More...]


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