Homemade Potato Chips

I eat a lot of root vegetables/tubers, as I consider sweet potatoes, white potatoes, carrots, and other underground storage organs (USOs) to be very healthy foods and the preferred choice for those looking for a good source of carbohydrates to include in their diet. Some people will argue that white … [Read More...]



Why Are We So Sick? Part III: Mismatch

In part 1 of this series on evolution and human health we established that millions of years of evolutionary pressure shaped the human body, from musculoskeletal system, to metabolism, to brain function, and … [Read More...]

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Ask Eirik: Will Adding Carbs to My Diet Make Me Gain Weight?

I routinely receive questions and feedback through e-mail. Since I've already written about many of the topics/problems I receive questions about, I'll often just reply back with a short comment and … [Read More...]


Feeling Sick And Tired? Chances Are Chronic Low-Grade Inflammation Is to Blame

Modern humans are sick. Most of us have dealt with or are currently struggling with a chronic health problem of some sort, whether it's irritable bowel syndrome, overweight, acne vulgaris or more … [Read More...]


Are You Eating Enough Fiber?

There are few components of the human diet that have gotten as much attention as dietary fiber. Fiber, which is plant material that resists human digestive enzymes, is usually spoken of in warm words, … [Read More...]


How Gut Microbes Change Your Mind

A couple of months back I posted an article where I discussed a scientific paper linking the gut microbiota to food cravings and appetite, and I posed the question: Who's in control: The human host or … [Read More...]


Do High-Fat Foods Get Too Much of a Free Pass?

Butter, bacon, coconut oil, cheese and other similar high-fat foods are on top of the list of favorite things to eat for a lot of people. These foods aren't strictly "Paleo", as our Paleolithic … [Read More...]


Why You Should Walk More

Studies of contemporary hunter-gatherer societies, examination of fossils, and genetic analyses have given us a lot of insight into the way of life of Paleolithic humans. But there's still a lot we … [Read More...]


The Hadza – Last of the First

The Agricultural revolution approximately 10.000 years ago triggered profound changes in human living conditions - changes that have accelerated in pace and force over the last couple of centuries. … [Read More...]


Is Alcohol Ruining Your Gut Health?

As I've repeatedly stated on the blog, I strongly believe microbial imbalances (dysbiosis) and increased intestinal permeability (a "leaky gut") are two of the main causes underlying the so-called … [Read More...]


My Experiment With Intermittent Fasting and Training on an Empty Stomach

When I was just getting started with the whole health & fitness thing a long time ago, I bought into a lot of the conventional wisdom surrounding exercise and nutrition, and I, like most other … [Read More...]


My Strategies For Getting a Good Night’s Sleep

I've been paying some extra attention to my sleep lately. Since I've never had a sleeping disorder or felt I've had any real trouble falling asleep at night, sleep has never been on the top of my list … [Read More...]


The Two-Ingredient Banana & Egg Pancakes

These pancakes are so tasty and easy to make that you'll quickly end up making them a regular part of your diet. Also, it doesn't hurt that they are made up of whole, nutrient-dense foods and are … [Read More...]


You Are Your Microbes

I've written a lot about the human microbiome on this blog. As those who've paid attention to this topic know, the number of microbial cells we carry around with us every day vastly outnumber our … [Read More...]


Should You Set Exercise Goals?

In the health & fitness community at large, training goals tend to be viewed as an essential component of an exercise plan. People who join a gym are often reminded by the receptionists how … [Read More...]


5 Reasons Why the Paleo Diet Works

Consuming a Paleo Diet is a very effective strategy for those who want to achieve a lean and healthy body. This statement isn't only supported by thousands of anecdotal reports, but also by studies of … [Read More...]


How Modern Diets Are “Melting Down” Human Faces

Everyone who's read this blog for some time, delved into the literature on Darwinian medicine, and/or spent some time reading Paleo blogs knows that heart disease, cancer, obesity, type-2 diabetes, … [Read More...]


Have You Read All of My Articles for BretContreras.com?

As my regular readers know; besides blogging here at OrganicFitness.com, I'm also a contributing writer for Bret Contreras, Paleo Magazine, and The Personal Trainer Development Center. I've now been a … [Read More...]


The Evolution of the Gluteus Maximus

Big, powerful glutes are great, not just because they make you look good in a tight pair of jeans, but also, as all glute enthusiasts know, because a strong butt sets the stage for safe, heavy lifting … [Read More...]


Do You Have a Food Addiction?

One of the biggest obstacles people face when they try to switch to a healthy eating strategy is overcoming food cravings and preferences that have been ingrained after months or years of following a … [Read More...]


Is Your Net Carbohydrate/Total Carbohydrate Ratio Too High?

Carbohydrate consumption is among the most controversial topics in the field of nutrition. On the one side there are many who still cling to public dietary guidelines, which suggest that we should all … [Read More...]


Why Are We So Sick? Part III: Mismatch

In part 1 of this series on evolution and human health we established that millions of years of evolutionary pressure shaped the human body, from musculoskeletal system, to metabolism, to brain … [Read More...]


Why Are We So Sick? Part II: Our Genetic Heritage

In the first post in this series we took a look at the evolution of the human body and the birthplace of humanity: Africa. There's good evidence to suggest that between 125,000 and 60,000 years ago, a … [Read More...]


Why Are We So Sick? Part I: Children of Africa

More than 2 billion people worldwide are now overweight, and chronic health disorders such as colon cancer, cardiovascular disease, obesity, and acne vulgaris are highly prevalent in many parts of the … [Read More...]


Organic Beauty

I've talked a lot about the health of hunter-gatherers and traditional people on this blog, and I've repeatedly highlighted the fact that these people are free from many of the so-called diseases of … [Read More...]


A Selection of Videos That Can Take Your Knowledge About Evolution, Nutrition, and Health to a New Level

One of my goals with this site is to set the stage so that more people can get the kind of "revelations" that come when you start putting the puzzle of evolutionary medicine and ancestral health … [Read More...]


Two Good Probiotic Supplements That Can Improve Your Gut Health

Adequate microbial exposure is an essential component of an Organic Fitness Regimen. Rapid and powerful changes to human living conditions beginning with the Agricultural Revolution set the stage for … [Read More...]


9 Healthy Foods to Eat More of in 2015

Are you looking to make 2015 the year where you really take charge of your diet and health? Establishing new and healthy habits can be hard, and as we all know, new year's resolutions to "eat … [Read More...]


The Latest in Health & Fitness

Do you want to stay up-to-date on the latest research in the field of health & fitness? In these semi-regular posts I go through some of the recently published articles, videos, and science on … [Read More...]


Is The Paleo Diet a “Fad Diet”?

One of our natural tendencies as humans is to accept the world around us as "normal". This doesn't just apply to the environment we can see with our naked eyes, but also to conventional ideas and … [Read More...]


A Computer Program That Can Help You Sleep Better

Do you use your computer and smart phone late at night, perhaps without being aware that the light emitted from these devices adversely affects sleep? Since artificial lighting and electronic devices … [Read More...]


15 Songs That Can Help You Relax During the Holidays

Chronic stress is one of the biggest health challenges we face in the industrialized, high-tech modern world. In terms of stress management, putting some time into planning your life according to … [Read More...]


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